Detailed Design & Craft Process

Custom Ice Skating Costumes

Built Exactly For You

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind custom ice skating costumes, made to measure and designed based on their unique style and performance. These exquisite creations are the result of thoughtful collaboration, carefully selected materials, precise measurements, timely fittings, and hand-finish tailoring.

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2. Consultation & Measurement

3. Design

4. Material Selection

5. Fabrication

6. Fitting

7. Final Work & Stonework

8. Final Fitting &  Pick Up

Process Flow


Customers’ schedule is on the left.

We plan to take approximately 1.5 months from design approval to delivery. It may take up to two months during peak periods, but once we set a deadline at the beginning, we will always meet it. For overseas customers, we recommend an additional 10 days to 2 weeks for delivery.

The following is a detailed description of each step.

How It Works

Measurements & Style Consultation










We meet with the athlete, coaches, and parents to discuss design ideas including color, material, and the mood and music of the performance. In addition, we determine the production schedule and talk through any considerations that affect the design, construction, and delivery of your one of a kind costume.

The size of the body changes a lot over the course of a year. We will always take your measurements.












Based on the ideas discussed during the consultation, we provide a hand-drawn design rendering including front and back views and detailed drawings where needed to highlight unique design features.

Material & Crystal Selection









Once the design is approved, materials are chosen from top manufacturers and weavers from around the world who are known for fabic quality, integrity, and color. In order to make our designs truly shine during a performance, we hand select each stone from only the highest grade of crystals.











Each garment is carefully constructed in our Massachusetts-based workshop by Yumi and her specially trained seamstresses whom she has taught her unique way of sewing performance apparel. Every detail is inspected and approved by Yumi before moving on to the next step in the process. At this stage, the base of the costume design is made to measure and prepared for the fitting.

First Fitting












The fitting is a very important part of the overall design success. This is when final measurements are taken to ensure proper fit and movement of the costume. This is also when we finalize the quantity and placement of all embellishments to perfect the look of the design.

Final Work









After the fitting, we complete all final alterations to the design and add all embellishments which include crystals, feathers, and accessories such as hairpieces. This is when each costume is transformed from a garment into a work of art.

Final Fitting & Pick- Up











It is the final fitting of the completed dress. Check the fit by actually moving around in it. When you are satisfied with the fit, we will hand it over to you. After that, we can make adjustments free of charge within 10 days.

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