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We sincerely apologize, but we are currently not accepting orders from new customers.

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Adjusting the costume before stoning. If you are ordering pants, please bring your boots as well.

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General Questions    

How long does it take to make a costume?

It takes about a month to a month and a half after the design is decided, and two months during the busy time of year. The deadline is set when we accept the order, but we never exceed the deadline.

What is the approximate cost of the costume?

The amount of money varies greatly depending on the design of the costume, for example, long sleeves, color dyeing, ruching, material, applique, gloves, and the amount of stones.Please contact us at Info @yumicouture.com.

Can you make a costume in a rush?

We accept orders when we can afford it, but there will be a 10% express fee within 45 days and a 20% express fee within 20 days.

Can you accept orders worldwide from a long distance?

Yes. We have a lot of customers globally and significant experience. We use emails, phone calls, and online meetings via Teams. It has made remote communication easy and frictionless. We know fittings are still a major challenge in distant service, but our extensive experience enables us to provide the best advice for global customers. 

Can I return my costume?

We will not accept returns of items because we make them in individual sizes and designs. We can make adjustments free of charge within 10 days of receiving the item.

Can I cancel my order?

There is no cancellation fee before the consultation.There is a $500 cancellation fee between the time the design is decided and the fitting. There is also no refund of the $100 consultation fee.
There is no cancelation after the fitting.

My body size has changed since last year, can you fix it?

Of course we will adjust.

When is the best time to make an appointment?

We start accepting costumes for the new season at the end of November before the season starts. Even if you don’t have a specific song, it is best to make an appointment if you want to make a costume.
If you do have a song already selected, please contact us at any time.