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Custom Figure Skating Dresses

Yumi Couture is known around the world for its exquisitely designed, carefully crafted, and award-winning custom figure skating dresses.

Our dresses fight the wear and tear of performances while our designs and dress quality uniquely accentuate the brilliant beauty and dynamic strength of the athletes.

We put a lot of detailed care into our craftsmanship that makes the finest and the most elegant figure skating dresses with trusted and reliable performance functionality.  

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Yumi Couture Service

We support you and your coach as a team to ensure with their outfits. We also offer maintenance and alteration services to keep your favorite costumes in tip-top shape.

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Single, Pairs, and Dance

We create a one-of-a-kind costume that is unique to you, customized to your individual tastes and needs.


Team Costumes & Uniforms

Create costumes that accent each individual skater in the group, as well as the entire team.



Repairing costumes, adding stones and accessories, and making alterations.



Cleaning and Adjusting Costumes

Get A Custom, Bespoke Top Athlete Dress Made By The Experts

Custom Figure Skating Dress
dress skirt

Sophisticated Line

Yumi is obsessed with skirt lines. She demands a line that shows how sophisticated and beautiful the athlete is. We also pay attention to details such as the spread of the skirt, which looks most beautiful when spinning, and the line of the back.

figure skating dress

A unique design for you in the world.

Yumi is innovative and creative in her designs. Our costumes are carefully designed to help maximize performance. We are experienced to pursue a light & comfortable fit, making you feel not wearing a costume, and not allowing the outfit get in the way during the performance.


Material Selection

We search the world over for information and carefully select the best fabrics with excellent elasticity for performers, as well as stones to make them shine even brighter, and appliqués and laces to add variety to the dresses.


Production using experience and advanced techniques

Dyeing colors ombré and cutting into the fabric requires skill. We also ensure that our costumes are perfect without compromising on even the slightest detail.

Your Dress Begins With Stoneworking

Yumi’s dress stonework is an essential element of the costume that, benefits from a design sensitivity and intuition that no other dressmaker can imitate. Large stones look gorgeous on the ice, but we also let small stones play a significant role. They create lines that draw out dress features and add elegance with perspective and harmony. Placing the stones may seem easy, but we recognize it as the most challenging aspect of dressmaking. We believe that no one can do it better than Yumi Couture. When you hold a Yumi Couture costume in your hands, wear it, and feel the glamorous glide, you will feel confident that you are shining the brightest, which will lead to a powerful performance.

Custom Figure Skating Dresses

“I have been working with Yumi for about 3 seasons now and I could not be more impressed with her work and her whole creative process! From the very beginning sketches to the first fitting, the attention to detail is out of this world. The colors she creates and the designs she imagines are unlike anything else. She is a true artist with a keen eye for flair and elegance. I know that every stitch is infused with love and good luck wishes and every time I put on these dresses to go and compete, there is a sense of ease that comes with them because I know that Yumi and her team are supporting me 100%! I cannot imagine my skating career being so bedazzled and wonder-filled with any other dressmaker, nor do I want to! Yumi is truly a mastermind at what she does.”

Gabriella Izzo


“Yumi has been making my dresses for the past 8 years and she always creates a product more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. She uses her talent to produce costumes that meet both the artistic and athletic demands of the sport. Her unique designs and custom colors allow me to fully express my own personality out on the ice. Equally important, her dresses are flexible and always fit me perfectly. This gives me the range of motion and comfort necessary to perform my technical skills in competition the same way that I do in practice. Yumi’s unwavering work ethic and collaborative approach always results in a dress that I absolutely love and feel confident wearing every time I step on the ice.”

Megan Wessenberg

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Our Process

time schedule

Time frame of production

Approximately one and a half months are scheduled from design decision to delivery. It may take up to two months during peak periods, but once we set a schedule at the beginning, we will always meet the deadline.


Costume Price

We know that the costume cost if an important thing to consider. Costs vary depending on the size of the body, design, decoration, and the number of stones. We can also make a costume to fit your budget. Please feel free to ask.

Costume Making Process

1. Contact by email

2. Consultation & Measurement

3. Design

4. Material Selection

5. Production

6. Fitting

7. Final Work & Stoning

8. Final Fitting &  Pick Up

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Some of Our Latest Work

We make over 100 custom order costumes each year for customers in Boston, East Coast, West Coast, Japan, Canada, and other countries. We also do team costumes for synchronized skating teams. We are committed to providing our customers with the unique designs, reliable athlete costumes, and the excellent after-sales service that customers have come to expect from us.
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