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Business Manager/ Customer Service

Hi, my name is Lisa Yamaguchi.I am a business manager at Yumi Couture, working as Yumi's schedule organizer, customer service and SNS correspondence.

I'm thrilled to spread the word about the beautiful craftsmanship of Yumi. Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Lisa Yamaguchi

Stone Designer   


Hello, my name is Yukiko Ishiguro. I joined Yumi Couture this year as a stone designer and a web designer.I'm so happy to work with beautiful skaters! I look forward to meeting you soon!

Yukiko Ishiguro

Dress Maker

Hello, my name is Tomoko. I love watching figure skating and handcrafting, so I am very excited to join Yumi's team.  I am looking forward to making the wonderful costumes for the amazing skaters.

Tomoko Takeuchi

 Japan Office/ Dressmaker

My name is Mitsuko Makino.I love to design and create things and have worked for such as apparel designs, wearable art and costume designs. Ever since working with Yumi on ballet costumes in 2014, I’ve been helping her from Japan as an assistant dressmaker.

Mitsuko Makino

Japan Office/ Dressmaker

Hello, my name is Sayoko Yasuda. I have been working with YUMI as an assistant dressmaker in Kyoto Japan for 2 years. My experience as an art school graduate as well as studying at a sewing/tailoring school contributes a lot to Yumi’s work of art.

I am very excited to be a member of Yumi Couture and am looking forward to seeing you!

Sayoko Yasuda

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