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Address: 18 Grove St., 2nd Floor Suite 11 Wellesley MA 02482

Phone: +1 781 996 3722

Ice Skating Dresses Expert | Yumi Barnett-Nakamura

Yumi Couture was founded more than ten years ago in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Its founder and costume designer, Yumi Barnett-Nakamura, an ice skating dresses expert, serves the growing market for more creative and personalized athletic costumes. Yumi uniquely combines traditional old-world techniques with modern stylistic sensibilities. 
The Yumi Couture story began generations ago in Kyoto, Japan, the city of a thousand temples. Yumi's family has been part of Kyoto's long and rich history in textiles and garment making, including one of Japan's most enduring cultural symbols, the kimono. Yumi has been influenced by a long line of kimono dressmakers, specializing in techniques that can take over forty years to master and are passed down from one generation to the next.


Yumi leveraged this rich legacy successfully and uniquely to her hand-made figure skating costumes and established her unique style of organizing the mix of quality, creativity, and precision. 

Just as a hand-made kimono involves over 1,000 processes, athletic performance costumes require specialized techniques to handle the physical stress of the performance and accentuate the beauty and strength of the performer while remaining comfortable throughout the program. This can only be accomplished by years of hands-on experience of ice skating competition dresses to complement traditional techniques. 

From the highest quality materials to her inspirational designs, she communicates and works closely with each athlete to bring their performances to life, which is at the heart of Haute Couture ice skating dress design boutique, as an origin of the name of Yumi Couture LLC. 

Yumi's dedication to her craft, uncompromising attention to detail, and focus on the customer experience is why Yumi Couture is sought out by top national and international skaters and teams.